World Town Planning Day 2015

November 19, 2015

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For World Town Planning Day 2015, Urban Strategists participated in “RU a Planner”, an outreach program aimed at increasing high school students’ knowledge about urban planning and urban issues in general.

Teams of City planners, Planning students, and Strategists went to classrooms across Toronto to present an introduction to planning and facilitate an activity that put students in planners’ shoes, asking them to determine whether or not to accept a development application in their neighbourhood.  The students contemplated the development details, relevant policies, stakeholder input and their own judgement. They took into account the complex details and made careful deliberations about their planning recommendations. All in all a good introduction to a career in planning; we know we had fun!


RU a Planner went to:

7 high schools

14 different classrooms

7 different Toronto city wards

367 students


To make this all happen, RU a Planner counted on the help of:

23 Ryerson Master of Planning students

14 City of Toronto planners

5 Urban Strategists

3 Ryerson undergraduates

1 U of T Planning graduate student


In its first year, the program has been initiated and planned by the Ryerson Planning Graduate Student Association (RPGSA).  Ryerson formed a partnership with the City of Toronto’s Planning department’s PiCS (Planners in Classrooms) program, also in its first year, and Urban Strategies.

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