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Aviva Coopersmith

Urban Planner

Aviva is an urban planner with a multidisciplinary background in community engagement, community development, and research. Her academic experience in planning and human geography has led to an interest in how planning and policy shape the interconnected social, economic, and physical fabric of urban places. At Urban Strategies, she has worked on complex projects involving site analysis, visioning, public engagement, and policy research for both public and private sector clients.

Aviva has previously held positions with a number of organizations that actively work to strengthen urban environments. This includes roles with the Participatory Budgeting Project, which facilitates public budgeting processes across North America; with 596 Acres, which creates open data tools that help New York City residents organize access to publicly-owned vacant land; and with the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust, which employs participatory planning methods to help address issues of poverty, economic development, mental health, housing, and food security in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood.

Aviva's projects