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Craig Cal

Urban Planner

Craig is an urban planner with a Masters degree in Planning from the University of Toronto, with an Honours, Bachelor of Arts degree in City Studies and Society & Environment from the University of Toronto @ Scarborough. At Urban Strategies, Craig’s work revolves around land use planning analysis, managing development applications and writing planning rationale reports, urban design guidelines and housing issues reports, among other related research. Selected projects include urban planning and urban design research for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT and managing residential development at 440 Front Street West, 45 Dunfield Ave and 481 University Ave. Craig is also currently involved in a number of major site redevelopment projects throughout Toronto, including a variety of rental, affordable homeownership, office and condominium projects. In addition to his work in urban planning and real estate development, Craig is involved in a variety of other city building activities. He helps youth learn about their urban environment the Maximum City program and dedicates his time to various community initiatives, including the redevelopment of the East Scarborough Storefront and the implementation of the City’s Tower Neighbourhood Renewal pilot project in Kingston/Galloway/Orton Park. Craig also maintains locale (www.locale. cc), an online journal dedicated to inspiring creativity and compassion for cities.

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