Etobicoke Centre Public Space and Streetscape Master Plan

2010 - 2011

Etobicoke, Ontario

Etobicoke Centre Public Space Plan_Final Report_October 2011 47_slide
Urban Strategies, MBTW Group and GHD have been retained by the City of Toronto to prepare a Public Space and Streetscape Master Plan for Etobicoke Centre. Designated as one of four Centres in Toronto’s Official Plan, Etobicoke Centre is an area envisaged to become a mixed-use urban focal point for western Toronto. The area’s current streetscape and public space is largely defined by automobile supportive infrastructure, and it lacks unity and a sense of place.
Etobicoke Centre Public Space Plan_Final Report_October 2011 77_slide
The consultant team’s work has involved identifying a number of opportunities to improve the public space and streetscape for Etobicoke Centre, such as unifying and celebrating the Centre’s unique identity, greening the Centre through tree planting and sustainable storm water management, prioritizing the pedestrian experience, and improving connectivity between the Centre’s districts. The project has also included identifying detailed design strategies for a number of focus areas within the Centre. The completed Master Plan will outline a vision for Etobicoke Centre, propose area specific strategies, and identify the implementation tools to guide future change.

Client: City of Toronto
Consultant Team: MBTW, GHD
Awards: Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, Award of Merit, 2012

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