Red Deer Environmental Master Plan

2010 - Present

Red Deer, Alberta

In partnership with Halsall Associates, Urban Strategies is developing an Environmental Master Plan for the City of Red Deer. Red Deer, centrally located in the province of Alberta, is a fast-growing community facing environmental issues associated with land consumption and development, population growth and the natural resource-related industries that support the local economy.

The Environmental Master Plan presents goals, benchmarks and actions to achieve a 25-year vision for Red Deer’s environmental future. The Environmental Master Plan is a living document that will grow and change with The City as its environmental profile and goals evolve in the future. The Plan includes strategic recommendations outlining specific actions for implementation in the areas of energy, ecology built form, air, water, transportation and waste. The Environmental Master Plan will provide the foundation and framework to identify and align community and municipal environmental priorities in the short, medium and long term. It will help the City strategically direct capital expenditure, service delivery, infrastructure and planning decisions, and focus the City’s capacity building initiatives such that high environmental performance is the standard.

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Client: City of Red Deer

Awards: Alberta Urban Municipal Association Innovator Communities Award (2011)

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