Bike Month 2018

May 29, 2018

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May 29th was our annual group commute, a competition between staff members living east of our office, west of our office, and those directly north, followed by a decadent breakfast in our Lake Ontario space. The winning team was decided based on per-capita participation, and as has been the case for the past several years, the western contingent held onto their bragging rights, with 16 people participating!

The month of June was packed with bike-related fun.

Cycle commuters entered ballots for each day they rode to work, and were eligible for weekly draws for Dark Horse gift cards. The two grand prizes were given to Sirous, who biked a total of 19 times over the month, and to Georgia, who biked the greatest distance in her commute, at 116km. Together, we biked a total of 1442km in June! If those trips had been taken by car, we would have burned about 900lbs of carbon.

We held an Alleycats  scavenger hunt, where teams competed to be the first to solve a series of riddles to various locations across the city, and take photos to prove it. The winning team, “Sam James Tea Shop” won a dinner out. Honourable mention went to “Chain Jacobs” for their creative team name!

Our Blender Bike event – now a tradition in its 3rd year – involved making smoothies and cocktails using pedal power.

Congratulations to our bike committee and all who participated!