#Dayaway 2013 — Halloween Edition

January 7, 2014

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Evergreen Brickworks played host to our annual designers and planners day away on October 31, 2013.


In the morning, planners and designers split up by discipline. The designers collaborated on an extended case study, comparing the Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne, reviewing each city’s approach to their waterfront, parks planning, streetscape and more. The planners held a series of lively discussions and debates on unintended consequences of policy.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a delightful catered lunch (thanks, Cafe Belong! We loved your dinner-plate sized cookies!).




After lunch we reconvened — this time, with the whole group. We spend the afternoon thinking about why we do public consultation, and how to do it better. We played a silly game of Project Vision Statement “Mad Libs”, and at one point, several of us dressed up in Halloween costumes.



All in all, a great day away. Looking forward to next year!