George Dark Appointed Special Advisor

December 8, 2015

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The Ottawa Citizen has reported on Prime Ministers’ Row initiative. 
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OTTAWA – Prime Ministers’ Row Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of George F. Dark of Urban Strategies Inc. as Special Advisor to the Prime Ministers’ Row Initiative.

“We are honoured to have George Dark join us as we shape a unique, national legacy project in the Nation’s Capital,” said Suneeta Millington, Co-founder of Prime Ministers’ Row. “The transformation of Ottawa’s Laurier Avenue East into an interactive, innovative, outdoor ‘Street Museum’ is a significant undertaking, and Mr. Dark is uniquely positioned to bring it to fruition.”

An internationally-renowned urban designer and landscape architect, Mr. Dark is a Fellow of both the American and Canadian Societies of Landscape Architects. Throughout his career, he has led complex projects through from design to completion, and has directed numerous Master Plans across Canada and the United States. Of note, he is the author of the University of Ottawa’s recently-released Master Plan which guides the evolution and development of an area adjacent to Prime Ministers’ Row.

“The idea of shaping such a nationally-historic and architecturally-important streetscape into forward-looking, vibrant, and participatory public space is very meaningful, ” offered Mr. Dark. “Prime Ministers’ Row offers the opportunity for civil society, the private sector, the City of Ottawa, the National Capital Commission, and the Government of Canada to come together around a single National Legacy project. I look forward to helping steer these efforts.”

Prime Ministers’ Row is a federally incorporated not-for-profit guiding a large-scale, national legacy project to transform Ottawa’s Laurier Avenue East into a ‘Street Museum’ and centre for political discourse. Historically home to many of Canada’s political leaders, Prime Ministers’ Row will become a place for every Canadian to discuss, debate and explore questions of identity, culture, values, and governance. For more information visit:

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