Torontonians, how was your commute into work this morning?

June 10, 2014

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As we approach the provincial election on June 12, you have the chance to bring real change to our transportation options by telling candidates from all parties that fixing our overcrowded transportation system is important to you.

Here are the facts:

We have among the worst commute times in North America, and they’re only getting worse.

  • There’s a plan underway to tackle congestion on our roads and subways, but we need new money to fund it.
  • No new major roads, subways, or transit lines will be built without dedicated funding from the next Premier of Ontario.

Here’s what you can do:

On June 12, we urge you to vote, and make an informed decision by asking your candidates from all parties for answers on how they’ll fund a better transportation system.

Before June 12, take two minutes now to go on social media to share your commuting experience at #VoteTransit, and ask your candidates the important questions.

Not on social media? No problem. Give your local candidate a call, send them an email, or strike up a conversation next time they knock on your door.

Unless candidates and party leaders hear from residents, we’ll never see change. On June 12, let’s make sure that transportation is a ballot box issue. #VOTETRANSIT


Urban Strategies has supported Civic Action as Regional Champions for Toronto in their campaign to get people talking about the need for a better regional transportation system throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), and the need for new and sustainable ways to pay for it ( &