Izabela Molendowski's headshot

Izabela Molendowski

Urban Planner

Izabela is an Urban Planner with a background in human geography, land use planning, policy development, and research on transit-supportive development, inclusionary zoning, and retrofitting suburban neighbourhoods.

At Urban Strategies, Izabela contributes to a variety of projects ranging from master planning to site-specific development. She is responsible for undertaking research and summarizing planning policies, zoning by-laws, design guidelines, and demographic data in various reports. Prior to joining Urban Strategies, Izabela worked as a Land Use Planner at Goodmans LLP, where she conducted land use planning research by analyzing site-specific planning policies and zoning by-laws. She provided planning opinions stating the highest and best use potential of sites throughout the City of Toronto and the GTHA. Izabela has also previously worked as a Planning Researcher at the City of Toronto’s Strategic Initiatives, Policy and Analysis division where she compiled research for an Area Profile about the Mount Dennis community, and drafted policy recommendations on how to effectively integrate a Mobility Hub into a revitalizing community.

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