Kaitlyn Hundt's headshot

Kaitlyn Hundt

Urban Planner

Kaitlyn Hundt is an urban planner with diverse experience across community engagement, research and urban design. Her professional experience is based on a foundation of empathetic human centred design, which combines with data analysis and policy review to shape projects that are impactful and visually engaging. She believes that excellent design and planning is both a product, and approach which in order to succeed must be approachable for the public in which it serves.

Prior to urban planning, Kaitlyn had a strong background in political engagement. Working at the Federal level for MP Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre), Kaitlyn supported a variety of projects ranging from community town halls to background research on foreign policy. Kaitlyn’s work has continued to span multiple scales, from the creation of an innovation public space installation on Toronto’s King St, to an international research review on guaranteed basic income. In all cases she has worked towards a comprehensive approach to all aspects of the project.