Keira Webster's headshot

Keira Webster

Urban Planner

Keira Webster is an urban planner with a background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), environmental studies and research, and geography. Her professional and educational experiences to date have explored the role of planning and policy tools in fostering resilient communities. Keira is currently contributing to various projects at Urban Strategies involving master planning, transportation planning, policy and planning research, and development approvals processes.

Keira’s previous work has involved the use of open data tools in building urban resilience, the role of planning and policy in the uptake of autonomous vehicles, and the application of GIS to solve network analysis problems. She has experience collaborating in multi-disciplinary teams to develop a strategic direction and approach, designing and facilitating a stakeholder workshop, and creating succinct and effective methodologies. Keira is curious about the complex challenges that arise from the relationship between cities and the environments they inhabit.