Lee Barich's headshot

Lee Barich

Urban Planner

Lee is an Urban Planner with diverse experience in economic development, community placemaking, and policy planning. He has held planning roles in the public, private, and non-profit sectors across Ontario, as well as on international projects in Manchester, UK and Accra, Ghana. His experience had given him exposure to the multi-faceted nature of planning and the various stakeholders at play.

Lee earned his Master of Arts in Planning from the University of Waterloo where he investigated the success of Kitchener, Ontario’s downtown revival. His previous studies in history have given him an appreciation for how local histories and historical trends can shape and progress planning projects, and the importance of considering these factors when planning for a community's future.

At Urban Strategies, Lee is contributing to large scale development projects including 1798 - 1812 Weston Road and 1828 - 1844 Weston Road. These projects intensify underdeveloped sites, introduce a mix of uses, provide a range of housing options, and improve connections with the surrounding urban fabric.