Ying Li is an urban designer with a focus on integrating nature into her designs. With a background in architecture and urban planning, she has contributed to numerous projects around the world, including in China, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand. Currently, Ying is working on projects at a variety of scales, including the ʔəy̓alməxw/Iy̓álmexw/Jericho Comprehensive Development Plan, where she is striving to create a harmonious blend of natural beauty and modern urban design. She also worked on a conceptual development framework plan in the Municipality of Clarington, Yonge Corridor Built Form Land Use Study as well as several development approvals within the Greater Toronto Area. With her keen eye for detail and her dedication to creating functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces, Ying is making a positive impact on the cities she works in. She is based in Urban Strategies’ Vancouver office.

Ying's Projects