Bay Adelaide Centre

2007, 2010 - 2012

Toronto, Ontario

With the Bay-Adelaide Centre West Tower under construction, Brookfield Properties retained Urban Strategies in 2007 to undertake master planning, technical modelling and approvals to support the redevelopment of the remainder of the site. Following a brief master plan study for the site, Urban Strategies successfully led the East Tower through the approvals process, securing approval for a commercial tower of 41 storeys (180m) totalling one million square feet of office space. We provided detailed & accurate modelling to understand the complex issues of shadow impacts in the financial core, including restrictions on net new shadows on Nathan Phillips Square. Following approval, Brookfield acquired the adjacent properties and we undertook further studies for the redesigned development, including negotiating a complex heritage conservation strategy.

Urban Strategies also provided design and planning expertise for the North Tower on Richmond Street. Using advanced modelling, we determined the precise building envelope permitted with the shadow regulations, adding an additional 100,000 square feet of capacity to the already designed 26-storey tower. Combined, the East and North Towers will provide over 2 million square feet of new commercial office space.

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