Brampton Environmental Master Plan

2009 - 2014

Brampton, Ontario

Over the last seven years, the City of Brampton has implemented numerous environmental initiatives and achieved impressive results. Building upon this success, the City is taking another strategic leap forward through the development of an Environmental Master Plan (EMP). This initiative will establish sustainable directions that will guide and consolidate City efforts to conserve and improve upon the environmental quality of its communities, ecology and built and natural landscapes.

The purpose of the EMP is to understand what the City is doing well and what it could be doing more of so that it can be in a position to establish priority directions and coherent standards that aim for greater environmental sustainability.

As land use and environmental consultants, Urban Strategies will translate the spirit of environmental objectives into attainable and measurable targets and actions. Urban Strategies is the lead consultant, planner, directing a series of stakeholder and community engagement opportunities comprised of several meetings and events. These forums allow for the solicitation of feedback and the participation of a wide range of stakeholders, including municipal and regional staff, conservation authorities, elected officials, BEPAC, business leaders, youth, academic institutions and the public.

This integrated approach, will facilitate sustainable decision-making across all municipal departments and service areas as well as building environmental awareness and broader community participation. The study process is ongoing.

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