Centennial College Progress & Ashtonbee Campus Master Plans

2016 - 2018

Toronto, Ontario

Urban Strategies is leading a consultant team to create an integrated and comprehensive Campus Master Plan for Centennial College’s Progress and Ashtonbee Campuses. The Campus Master Plan will help Centennial plan for future growth and change in a comprehensive and sustainable way to enrich student life and manage resources effectively. The Campus Master Plan will integrate work to date, as well clearly put forward goals, objectives and recommended projects associated with important systems including mobility and pedestrian movement, open space and landscaping, built form and contextual relationships, parking and wayfinding. The Master Plan will be based on the following four areas of focus:

• Campus Built Landscape

• Existing and New Development

• Campus Services and Utilities

• Transportation Infrastructure and Services

In this way, the Campus Master Plan will help Centennial College to prioritize short, medium and longer term capital projects in order to create a clear roadmap for the future. The Master Plan will also provide clear direction to the College in accommodating growth and change, physically planning the campus, identifying priority initiatives and implementation, and will reinforce that the institution supports and encourages broad collaboration and consultation about its future. The Master Plan will have dual horizons that will present the planning implications for the next 5 to 10 years


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