Marché Central

2015 - Present

Montréal, Québec

Urban Strategies has been helping Bentall Kennedy identify opportunities for realizing the full development potential of their Marché Central property in Montreal. As part of this undertaking, our team developed a vision and master plan for a lifestyle centre that included a series of options for how the site could evolve over time. The proposed plan includes residential uses stacked on top of retail in order to integrate with the emerging mixed use community to the north while benefiting from the presence of two regional transit service stations that provide a convenient connection to downtown Montreal. On the east side of the site, the plan provides opportunities for expanding the existing big box retailers in the near term if the existing food terminal were to remain on site. In the long-term, this area would evolve into a pedestrian-friendly destination with additional retail offerings, restaurants and a series of public spaces. During this process. Urban Strategies reviewed the land use planning framework and coordinated with City and Borough staff to align the directions for the future of the Marché Central with the ongoing updates to regional and municipal planning policies.

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