Markham Cornell Centre Precinct Plan

2011 - 2013

Markham, Ontario

The Town of Markham retained Urban Strategies in 2011 to prepare a Precinct Plan for Cornell Centre, the future heart of the Markham’s growing Cornell community. The Cornell Centre Precinct Plan will provide detailed planning and design direction to ensure the development of a high density, mixed use centre that serves the needs of the anticipated 40,000 Cornell residents and many thousands of jobs.

Urban Strategies is currently working to evaluate and refine the principles and planning direction provided by the Cornell Secondary Plan. In the context of this Secondary Plan and emerging planning applications for the area, Urban Strategies is preparing a detailed planning framework and built form and urban design guidelines for Cornell Centre. Aligned with Town, Regional and Provincial goals, the Precinct Plan promotes a high quality of life, supports active streets for walking and cycling, integrates planned rapid transit investments, supports high quality and diverse retail environments, protect employment lands, enhances the open space network, and provides a wide variety of living choices.

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