McMaster University Campus Master Plan

2000 - 2002, 2008 Update

Hamilton, Ontario

McMaster University has experienced dynamic growth in both facilities and enrolment within the past decade. Urban Strategies has been working with McMaster University to identify opportunities to accommodate this growth on a constrained site within some of Hamilton’s most beautiful historic neighborhoods. Our work has ensured that key campus open spaces are protected and that new development fits within the campus and surrounding community environment. Our plans promote alternatives to the private automobile ensuring access to the campus is in keeping with the character and capacity of the surrounding local streets. Our recent work has identified emerging space needs and has helped position the University to receive additional provincial funding.

Main Street North Entrance (1999)
The Main Street North is the most public face of McMaster University and a key pedestrian and vehicular gateway to campus. Main Street is also a critical part of Hamilton’s street and transportation infrastructure and accommodates a large number of private and transit vehicles. We developed a plan for transportation improvements and set the stage for additional landmark campus development at this important location. Today, many of these transportation improvements are in place and the Engineering Technology Building has opened.

Campus Master Plan (2002)
We were retained by McMaster University to prepare a comprehensive master plan. We undertook an extensive consultation process that engaged the University community, local residents, the City, the conservation authority and Hamilton’s transit commission. The results established a framework for future development that extends the structure of the campus’s historic core to its periphery while respecting the surrounding built and open space context.

08-03-28 McMaster flat

Innovation Park Planning Analysis (2003)
Urban Strategies lead the Capacity and Planning analysis for Innovation Park where we completed a planning and capacity analysis of the property. This study illustrated and tested potential access strategies; the location, configuration and quantum of development; parking and transit strategies; land use options; storm water management strategies; and the potential image and character of the campus.

Landscape Master Plan Design Competition Management (2005)
Building from the campus design directions established in our campus master plan, a competition design brief was developed, highlighting landscape design objectives to be addressed by competition entrants. Urban Strategies was responsible for the management and administration of the two-stage competition, which included selection of the short-list of competition entrants and selection and management of the competition jury.

McMaster power point_yellow

Campus Master Plan Update (2008)
Urban Strategies was retained to update the Campus Master Plan. A number of new buildings, landscapes and streets needed to be reflected in the plan’s graphics and overall recommendations. There was also an interest in confirming the number of potential development sites, the development capacity of the campus and the opportunity for a transit hub near the Student Union Building.

Campus Capacity Analysis (2011)
This study provided the physical and space management information within which to frame the discussion regarding growth at McMaster, ensuring the university continues to evolve in a balanced and sustainable manner across all its campuses. The study will also support provincial funding applications.

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