Oakville Downtown Cultural Hub

2013 - Present

Oakville, Ontario

Urban Strategies is currently working with the Town of Oakville on the creation of a Downtown Cultural Hub (DCH). Oakville’s Cultural Plan (2009), along with the Downtown Strategic Action Plan (2010), describe the downtown as a cultural hub with Centennial Square representing a core piece of the hub. However, many of the cultural facilities on the site are in need of major renewal or replacement. The revitalization of Centennial Square facilities including the Central Library Branch and Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts is needed to strengthen Oakville’s cultural presence and relevance and to ensure the long-term viability of these public facilities.

The DCH project will identify, assess and evaluate development opportunities and options to reconsider the use of municipal properties and facilities within downtown Oakville. It explores ways to leverage the Town’s real estate assets and value to minimize the replacement costs of existing or new cultural or municipal facilities.

The DCH project represents an exciting opportunity to engage Oakville residents in a conversation about new development and enhanced cultural facilities in the downtown. Engagement will take place at many levels, and will make use of social media tools to ensure residents of all ages are engaged in the process.
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