Phase One Weston Seven Secondary Plan Study

2018 - present

City of Vaughan

Urban Strategies has been retained by the City of Vaughan to under take the first phase of work in the ultimate development of a Secondary Plan for the Primary Centre at Weston Road and Highway 7. Phase 1 of the Secondary Plan development process is focused on a background review and needs assessment of the Weston 7 area, the development of a vision, and the creation of land use alternatives that describe how the area may achieve its policy direction in the future. Weston 7 is intended to become a location for compact, mixed use growth, however, its current conditions still reflect the area’s suburban commercial character.

In this project Urban Strategies has worked with the consultant team to understand the growth outlook for this Centre, the role of Weston 7 in the larger context of the city and particularly its relationship to the City’s emerging downtown, the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, which is 800 meters from the western boundary of the site. The process is anticipated to culminate in detailed recommendations for further study, structuring the refinement and testing of the land use scenarios in Phase 2 of the Secondary Plan development process.

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