Saint John Official Plan

2009 - 2012

Saint John, New Brunswick

award icon 2012 Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) Willis Award for Innovation

award icon 2012 Canadian Institute of Planners Award of Excellence - Honorable Mention in City and Regional Planning

Saint John is a waterfront city with a proud industrial past and present. The last municipal plan was over 25 years old and anticipated a tripling of Saint John’s population. The development footprint has continued to sprawl outward. Saint John is engaging in a number of initiatives to attract new investment that supports beautiful places, enhanced quality of life, environmental integrity, and sustained economic growth and diversification. in 2002, Urban Strategies was retained by the St John Waterfront Development Partnership  to prepare an Inner Harbour Land Use Plan and implementation strategy for the Inner Harbour and Port of St John.  The Land Use Plan report laid out both a vision for the physical transformation of the Inner Harbour and a comprehensive policy framework for its implementation.  In 2009, Urban Strategies began working with the City of Saint John on a two year project to create a Growth Strategy and new Municipal Plan known as PlanSJ.  PlanSJ was designed to create a new and sustainable direction for Saint John by creating a clear framework for complete communities where Saint Johners will live, work and play. The Plan’s content was informed by broad community engagement and outreach on issues such as changing demands for industrial land, continued economic diversification, and location of housing construction.

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