Queens Quay LCBO

2011 - 2016

Toronto, Ontario

Urban Strategies Inc. was originally retained by Infrastructure Ontario (IO) in 2011 to prepare an optimal use study for the redevelopment of the Queens Quay LCBO site. As an 11-acre waterfront parcel in downtown Toronto, the site presented a variety of opportunities for significant intensification and redevelopment to support a mix of uses.

Urban Strategies was again retained by IO and the LCBO in 2012 to lead a broad team of consultants in the preparation of a detailed master plan and to lead the project through planning approvals. The master plan concept has recently been finalized, which establishes a new pattern of streets and blocks to support a wide range of residential, office, retail (including an LCBO store) and other uses. Harbour Street will extend through the LCBO and neighbouring sites, and the revitalization of Queens Quay with the East Bayfront LRT will enhance access and public realm amenities for residents and employees. Preservation of heritage features will contribute to placemaking and support open space investments. Urban Strategies is currently leading the project team in the preparation of a comprehensive RFP package to support the divestment of the property.

As the selected vendor of record for all IO planning projects in Toronto, Urban Strategies continues to assist IO with master planning, optimal use studies and other planning initiatives for provincially-owned parcels across the city.

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