Ramapo College

2012 - Present

Mahwah, New Jersey

Ramapo College, in New Jersey, is a small liberal arts college with a significant on-campus residential offering. The College was built in the 1960’s on a former private estate at the foot of the Ramapo Mountains. A modern academic building was created that frames a quadrangle around the historic mansion and highlights the natural setting and remarkable views. With a focus on small class sizes, the College provides an exceptional quality of experience and education.

Urban Strategies is currently creating a campus master plan for the College that will coordinate renewal of the academic building with facility needs, improve way-finding and circulation on campus, and identify new campus landscapes as a focus for place-making and development. Key initiatives include the creation of a new Campus Center, a new Welcome Center and the expansion of the Library to include a Learning Commons.

Read the plan here.

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