Steeles Technology Campus

1998 to 2006

Toronto, Ontario

In 1998, Call-Net Enterprises, owner of Sprint Canada, proposed a head office campus in Toronto and retained Urban Strategies to help develop a master plan and lead the planning approvals process. The plan envisioned mid-rise, large-floorplate buildings surrounding a landscaped quadrangle.  Faced with a tight project schedule and complex traffic issues, we mapped a two-track approvals strategy that separated short-term and long-term issues, allowing Phase One to begin construction in January 1999. Before the first buildings were completed, the 47-acre site was sold to Bentall, who renamed it the Steeles Technology Campus. Bentall is carrying out the vision of the original master plan for a mix of tenants attracted by the campus’s state-of-the-art buildings and site amenities. Continuing as planning advisors, Urban Strategies guided the approvals for the second phase of development, a 300,000 square foot building.

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