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Twin Pines Community Concept Development

Mississauga, Ontario 2023

Rendering of the Twin Pines Community Concept Development site.

Peel Housing Corporation retained Urban Strategies Inc. to explore the potential for and viability of redevelopment on the Twin Pines Community site, as there is a greater need for housing in the Region of Peel. The Site currently contains approximately 200 mobile homes, the Summerville Pines Senior Residence (which supports 136 affordable units for seniors), Peel Family Shelter, and two commercial parcels.

Through this study, the project team tested the redevelopment and intensification potential of the Site, and the associated land value of market development blocks with the aim of understanding how this could be used to leverage the ability of the Peel Housing Corporation to deliver new affordable housing. 

Aerial rendering of the Twin Pines Community Concept Development site.

The study was informed by a context analysis, including an exploration of the physical, planning, transportation, market and development context, which found the following: 

  • The surrounding neighbourhood is predominantly low-rise in form; 
  • The emerging policy context in the Region of Peel and City of Mississauga is supportive of mixed use intensification; 
  • There is existing and planned higher order transit in proximity to the Site; 
  • Existing market conditions favour low-rise residential development in townhouse form; and, 
  • The opportunity for taller residential buildings new the Site is limited. 

Four preliminary massing options were developed and were informed by the context analysis. The options included one that maximizes townhomes, one that maximizes mid-rise buildings, and two options that balanced townhouse and mid-rise forms with slight variations in the provision of building types. Based on the contextual analysis, a recommended approach that balanced townhouse and modestly scaled apartments was preferred. 

The draft recommended approach has the potential to yield a total of approximately 1,465 to 1,525 new housing units in a variety of housing typologies and tenures. To enable the replacement of the 209 existing affordable housing units, one development parcel will be required. This parcel has the potential to accommodate a 12-storey building with 210 to 270 affordable units. 

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