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The Idea Lab is a space for the exploration and collaboration that are shaping our urban futures.

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The Province of Ontario’s recent Acts have turned the process for planning approvals on its head. We invited senior municipal planners, policy experts, municipal lawyers, housing experts, and developers to share their frank perspectives on how these changes are impacting the way we plan in Ontario.

Rail Lab Map.

Can architecture fix a downtown? Strategists share their vision of a connected Living Lab to reimagine Calgary. Part of a special feature in the Globe and Mail.

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Care Infrastructure and the Feminist City: exploring how urban planners and designers can create safer and happier cities.

The Foundry Concept aerial illustration.

In 2021 the Province of Ontario enacted a Ministerial Zoning Order to demolish the century old Dominion Wheel and Foundries Company Manufacturing Complex in the east end of downtown Toronto and deliver much-needed housing. We created an alternate vision of how to retain the heritage building while reflecting diverse community aspirations and addressing housing and economic realities.