What We Do

Students reading posters at university campus engagement session.

Cities and the places within them are highly complex organisms. Urban Strategies embraces and untangles this reality through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to urban design, planning and engagement.

Our Expertise

The core of what we do is understand land. We ground our planning and design work in the real world of technical and financial constraints, environmental sustainability, and strategies for implementation. We engage stakeholders and the public early and often, building consensus (and passion!) around visions, principles and strategic directions. More


We embrace the complexity and hard work of city-building, bringing public and private interests together. Together with our clients and collaborators, we are committed to creating places that attract people and advance equity and sustainability.

Public: Municipalities, Regional, Provincial and Federal Governments, First Nations

Agency: Transit Agencies, Public / Community Housing, Port Authorities, Government Development Corporations

Private: Development Companies, Corporations, REITs, Affordable Housing Developers

Institutional: University and College, Health Care, Seniors Facilities, School Boards, Innovation Parks

Community: Co-op Housing, Arts and Cultural Organizations, Social Services Groups

Our Process

When entering into any planning and urban design exercise there are many unknowns. In our experience, the best way to get answers to those unknowns is to work closely with key stakeholders. Learning from these stakeholders is  essential to understanding site and surrounding area conditions, understanding the many aspirations for the site from different perspectives, and understanding potential risks and being able to proactively mitigate them.

Awards & Clients

We are committed to excellence, delivering thoughtful, compelling work. Urban Strategies is honoured to have been recognized with over 120 awards since our firm was founded in 1986.