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100 Game-Changers in Canadian Planning: Publications

We are crowd-sourcing a list of 100 game-changers in Canadian planning that shape our communities to celebrate the Canadian Institute of Planners’ 100th anniversary. This week, we are making a list of the most influential publications and policies from past and present and from across the nation.

Join the discussion on Twitter, and watch this post for updates over the next month, culminating July 3-6 at Generation2019!

Below are the entries collected from our Strategists and discussion on Twitter. What do you think?

  • The Indian Act
  • City of Toronto Amalgamation
  • The “Kings”
  • Greenbelts
  • Section 37
  • Places to Grow
  • Spacing
  • Toronto’s Residential R Zone
  • Ontario adding secondary suite permissions across the board
  • Subdivided: City-building in an Age of Hyper Diversity by Jay Pitter and John Lorinc
  • 1979 decision (Bell v Her Majesty the Queen) by the Supreme Court of Canada to uphold that “people zoning” is not a permitted planning practice. Prior to this, municipalities could/would zone properties as for “families”. “Families” was a defined term included in the zoning bylaw
  • Vacant Lottery
  • Onbuildingdowntown
  • The Greenbelt Plan
  • 1976 Toronto Central Area Plan
  • Arrival City by Doug Saunders

Here’s what we heard in the People category.