Launching new Barbados National Physical Development Plan

February 24, 2017

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Our team is in Barbados launching the new National Physical Development Plan. Follow @GeorgeFDark on Twitter for live updates.

Media coverage of this weekend’s community meetings.

National News: Barbados needs new physical development plan

Barbados Advocate: Anna Iannucci and Tyler Baker speaking about the Physical Development Plan 2017 (Draft) at community meeting in Barbados.

Barbados Advocate: Tyler Baker: Six Roads area in Barbados “will… embrace its potential as an inland community that is at reduced risk from climate change, and … priority will be given to maintaining and improving resiliency in its future growth.”

National News: Anna Iannucci and Tyler Baker propose increased cycling as a solution to easing the gridlock on Barbados roads, part of nation’s new Physical Development Plan.