Community Visioning in Mississauga

2014 - 2016

Mississauga, Ontario

Urban Strategies recently led two community visioning processes in the rapidly changing city of Mississauga, MyMalton and Vision Cooksville.

The MyMalton visioning project aimed to capture residents’ and stakeholders’ needs and priorities for the community. The goal was to develop a Vision that is not only transformative and supported by all involved, but also implementable and grounded in the local context. The final report informs future development and investment in the area. To achieve this objective, our team provided expertise in urban design, land use planning, mixed use development, policy, public consultation and sustainability.


The MyMalton community visioning process was structured around three key public meetings that integrated a number of engagement techniques, including community mapping, small group breakout sessions, and prioritization exercises. MyMalton also engaged the City, area stakeholders and residents through a variety of activities, including walking tours, online social media engagement, community surveys on public transit, and focused youth engagement in local schools. Local rapper Junia-T performed a song about growing up in Malton at one of the Community Visioning Sessions.

Read more about this project on the City of Mississauga’s website.


Our team also led a similar project called Vision Cooksville for the City of Mississauga, which resulted in a long-range vision for transit-oriented revitalization for this growing urban area. Read more about it on the City of Mississauga’s website, and in this news article.