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100 Game-Changers in Canadian Planning: Moments

Week 4 in our round up of 100 game-changers in Canadian planning.

What are the game-changing *moments* in planning? What events have shifted Canadian planning?

  • SARS – airport vectors, antibacterial resistance
  • Bikeshare
  • Expo 67 – huge infrastructure investments that shaped Montreal forever
  • Japanese internment
  • Hogan’s Alley
  • Africville
  • Vancouver 2010 Olympics: change moment that got a lot of people out of their cars and allowed new Canada line to surpass ridership estimates.
  • Hurricane Hazel and resulting conservation / resiliency planning
  • Jane Jacobs moving to Toronto n stopping the Allen Expressway
  • Killing the Spadina Expressway (and then failing to build enough transit)
  • The invention of the mass-produced automobile. (Hey you didn’t say it had to be a change for the better)
  • GO Transit (rail and bus) has done a lot to change planning in the GTHA, especially in the communities along the Lakeshore corridors.
  • The Greenbelt Protection Act in GTA has helped to reduce sprawl and influence growth planning in the region.
  • In Toronto “The Kings” rezoning resulting in mixed use revitalization.
  • Demolition of Pruitt-Igoe.



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