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Chongqing Area Plan

Chongquing, China 2013

Chongqing Area Plan aerial rendering.

In July 2013, Urban Strategies was retained by the Management Committee of Liangjiang New District of Chongqing to work on the Master Plan for Shuitu Core Area in Liangjiang New District, after winning the International Urban Design Competition. In the following 10 months, Urban Strategies had worked closely with our local partner, Chongqing Planning and Design Institute, and developed a comprehensive urban design for the emerging mix-use urban quarter in a fast-growing high-tech cluster on the northern part of the city.

Our plan set up a rational development framework and a clear priority for the growth of the area in a 20 year horizon; provided several big moves to refine the existing plan; revised the intensity and mix of land use based on extensive case studies; also embodied a certain level of flexibility so the core area can better respond to the changing market. The plan was adopted by the Management Committee and later by the City Councils in 2014. It is in the process of being written to the new Comprehensive Plan of the Liangjiang New District.

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