Sterling Road Redevelopment

2010 - Present

Toronto, Ontario

Urban Strategies has been working with Castlepoint Studio Development since 2010 on its development plans for the former Rio Tinto employment lands on Sterling Road in the City of Toronto. The Sterling Road site is approximately 3 hectares in size and nestled within the Junction Triangle, a highly dynamic and mixed use area. Urban Strategies has worked closely with the developer, City staff, area residents and area industries to arrive at an acceptable redevelopment plan that includes significant employment opportunities and new residential uses that successfully establish a new mixed-use plan for the site. The approved Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments provide an appropriate transition and relationship between the existing residential neighbourhood and employment uses. A number of complicated design and policy issues were resolved during the process, including the protection of existing employment uses, site remediation, built form transitions, relationship to the adjacent railway, and the provision of community amenities and affordable housing.

Urban Strategies is currently working closely with City staff and the client team to advance the Plan of Subdivision process. The first phase of the project includes the restoration and reuse of the former Tower Automotive Building, a designated heritage structure. Urban Strategies facilitated a consent to sever application to advance the redevelopment process and to accommodate the Museum of Contemporary Art_Toronto_Canada, the future anchor tenant. The first phase of residential development is under construction, and the draft plan of subdivision process continues to be advanced. Upon full build-out, the site is planned to approximately 50,000 square metres of residential space and over 52,000 squares metres of commercial and employment space.


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