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Transit Oriented Development Opportunities Analysis

Halifax, Nova Scotia 2004

Transit oriented development opportunities map.

This physical development and land use opportunities study was conducted for the Halifax Regional Municipality as part of a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and High Capacity Transit (HCT) Opportunities Analysis.  In combination with other components of the TOD and HCT Opportunities Analysis, our study provided recommendations to assist in establishing strategies to be considered by the HRM in its creation of regional planning alternatives.

Central to our work was the documentation of the existing physical structure of the Halifax City Region, identifying planning and urban design issues at the city and neighbourhood scale that influence access to transit service. The prioritization of transit corridors and nodes for potential development intensification was an important aspect of this work, integrating existing transportation initiatives, brownfield redevelopment opportunities and land use patterns.

Transit Oriented Development Guidelines were also drafted that address the design of street networks, the location and mix of uses, development densities, the role of parking, the design of the public realm and integration with other modes of movement.

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Halifax Regional Municipality

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LEA Consultants, Inc.

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