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Andrew Toth

Associate, Urban Designer & Planner
Andrew Toth's Headshot.

Andrew Toth is an Associate Urban designer and Urban Planner with over a decade of experience working on a broad range of projects including master planning, transit-oriented development, redevelopment, new communities, campus planning, and public realm plans. Currently, Andrew is working on the Cardinal Creek Master Plan in Ottawa to create a concept design for a new mixed-use centre that will support the recently built residential community. Recently Andrew played a lead role in the University of Missouri St. Louis Campus Plan which provides detailed recommendations to right-size the campus and enhance the student experience in the short term and a grand vision to capitalize on underutilized assets in the long term. Previously, he worked on the Downsview Framework Plan which re-imagines the 500 acre area, including the former airfield, into a mixed-use community. Andrew also worked on the Surrey Centre Block Master Plan in Surrey, British Columbia, which creates a bold vision for the centre of the city with iconic commercial development that is connected to a robust transit system and pedestrian focused public realm. Andrew played a lead role in the Waterloo Uptown Public Realm Strategy which sets forth a vision, design strategies, and initiatives to ensure a sufficient amount of high quality public spaces as Uptown continues to grow and the new Light Rapid Transit improves accessibility to Uptown.

Andrew's Projects