Midtown Oakville

2001 - Present

Oakville, Ontario

Oakville Midtown Core

In 1999, the Midtown Core was recognized by the Town of Oakville as a diverse area with substantial potential for regeneration, and Official Plan policies were adopted to promote higher intensity mixed land uses. Several initiatives have occurred, including the relocation of GO commuter parking that will help improve opportunities for redevelopment and achieve the goals and objectives of the Official Plan.

Urban Strategies was retained by the Town of Oakville to create the Midtown Core Master Plan and Urban Design Guidelines to build on these initiatives and provide a more refined Vision and Development Concept. The Plan is based on a series of principles that promote the revitalization of the district as a regionally significant mixed-use district and transportation hub and sets the framework for encouraging new employment and residential uses. The Town of Oakville is striving to be a leader in the implementation of Smart Growth principles outlined in the Places to Grow Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Urban Strategies continues to provide consultation to the Town on opportunities for the Midtown Core.

Business and Development Plan

In 2006, Midtown Oakville was one of 25 places in the Greater Golden Horseshoe to be identified in Places to Grow as an Urban Growth Centre – transit-connected regional focal points that are to accommodate a significant proportion of the region’s future growth and intensification. As an Urban Growth Centre, Midtown Oakville is directed under the Growth Plan to support a minimum of 200 people and jobs per hectare by 2031. In addition to its status as an UGC, Midtown is earmarked to benefit from a number of planned transit projects including the Lakeshore West GO line improvements and 3rd rail addition and the GO Bus Rapid Transit from the Oakville GO station to Mississauga.

Urban Strategies was retained by the Town of Oakville to create a development scheme for Midtown that would realize the Provincial growth target, capitalize on its position as an emerging regional transit node and result in a vibrant, mixed use neighborhood in Oakville’s centre. The project team developed a Businesses and Development Plan for the Town as a first step in the future growth of Midtown, demonstrating how the study area could be developed according to Smart Growth principles and be an economically viable venture. Urban Strategies continues to provide consultation to the Town on opportunities for the Midtown Core.

Demonstration Plan - Concept 1 -Sept9_slide

Mobility Hub Master Plan

In 2011, Urban Strategies was retained by Metrolinx to create a Mobility Hub Master Plan to transform Midtown Oakville into a complete, mixed-use community with residential, office, retail, and civic spaces. The assignment required close collaboration with Metrolinx, the Town of Oakville, the Region of Halton, and sub-consultants to assess current transportation use by mode and identify ways to improve circulation and access and encourage transit use over the long term.

Urban Strategies developed two options for the redevelopment of the station area, refining the transportation network by creating more bus bays, redesigning the road network, and moving the transit terminal to the east side of Trafalgar Road. A pedestrian and cycling network, parks and open space network, streetscape design and development parcels were also proposed. Beyond the immediate station area, a massing exercise was carried out to determine how best to accommodate the increased density dictated by the Growth Plan and Livable Oakville Official Plan. The resultant Master Plan is not merely a functional improvement to the station area, but rather creates a vibrant, healthy, livable community for the Midtown Oakville Urban Growth Centre.


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