Anne Benaroya's headshot

Anne Benaroya

Urban Planner

Anne is a Registered Professional Planner with a strong understanding of public policy and research, and with experience obtaining a wide range of development approvals for both public and private sector clients. Anne aims to create sustainable and equitable communities through the promotion of high-quality compact form that efficiently utilizes land while also creating great spaces to live.

At Urban Strategies, Anne is working on complex and innovative projects which will support sustainable growth, including a range of due diligence, highest and best use, development approvals, and growth planning projects. Working on the Quayside Development project, she is helping to create a vibrant mixed-use and iconic community in Toronto’s waterfront. Her previous experiences include working on affordable, emergency and transitional housing approvals, as well as on infill development projects throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Prior to working as a planner, Anne conducted complex audits of government programs for over five years. Anne brings these analytic skills to her planning practice and to strategic city building projects.