Desi Simova's headshot

Desi Simova

Urban Planner

Desi is a Registered Professional Planner with 10 years of experience undertaking diverse initiatives, such as area studies and plans, planning policy, master planning, and land development projects, in Toronto and the Greater Golden Horseshoe. She is passionate about problem-solving and working creatively with different stakeholders to address multiple (and seemingly competing) community-building objectives in practical and inclusive ways, creating a welcoming and multifunctional public realm as part of every planning initiative, and facilitating community-centred engagement and design. Her passion for urban planning that addresses the needs of diverse people is partially rooted in her experience growing up in Europe and Africa. Prior to joining Urban Strategies, Desi worked at the City of Toronto, where she primarily planned and acquired new parkland and several large-scale community recreation centres.

At Urban Strategies, Desi is involved in a variety of public and private-sector projects, including master planning, mall revitalization projects, and mixed-use developments.