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Lauren Haein An

Senior Associate, Urban Planner
Lauren Haein An's Headshot.

Lauren is a Registered Professional Planner with experience working on a diverse range of private and public sector projects. Combining her background in architecture and planning, Lauren is dedicated towards helping create equitable and healthy places. Lauren works on projects related to master planning, development approvals, and policy writing. She has also played key roles on several longrange planning studies and plans, including the scenario planning study for the City of Ottawa’s Official Plan review, and Secondary Plans for Victoria Park and Old East Village in the City of London. Her experience on complex development approvals include a new office tower in Toronto’s Financial District at 171 Front Street West, and East Flats Development in Ottawa.

Lauren is currently working on a number of large-scale master planning projects in Toronto, including the development of the District Plan for the 1st District (Taxiway West) at the 520-acre Downsview Airport Lands, and planning approvals for the redevelopment of the former Mr. Christie’s Cookie Factory in Humber Bay Shores.

Lauren's Projects