2150 Lake Shore - Christie Cookies Site

2014 - Present

Toronto, Ontario

Urban Strategies is working with First Capital Realty (FCR) and a multi-disciplinary consultant team to guide the development of a comprehensive master plan and related development approvals for the redevelopment of this 27 acre former-industrial site, located at Park Lawn and Lake Shore in Toronto. The surrounding Humber Bay Shores area has experienced rapid residential growth without a comparable investment in transit and other community services and amenities. This reality presents compelling opportunities and challenges for the site, with pressures to “complete” the Humber Bay Shores community.

Building on years of work advising the client, from their purchase of the site to the successful resolution of an LPAT appeal to introduce residential mixed use development on the site in the summer of 2019, Urban Strategies led an Official Plan Amendment application in fall of 2019, and Zoning By-law Amendment and Subdivision applications in spring 2020. These applications support a comprehensive, six-phased, master planned redevelopment of the site, with master planning efforts advancing concurrent with the City’s work developing a Secondary Plan and Transportation Master Plan for the area.

The Master Plan proposes a new Park Lawn GO Station, a fine-grain network of new streets, connections, open spaces, a public park, and TTC improvements that integrate street car and bus services to create an intermodal transit hub at the GO Station. The master plan introduces a range of new mixed use and commercial/retail buildings across the site, including approximately 7,140 residential units, 64,390 m2 of office type uses, primarily clustered at the GO Station. A covered Galleria is located at the heart of the site, which allows for a vibrant retail environment across all four seasons, providing a focal point for the 36,660 m2 of proposed retail uses spread across the site. Parking, loading and servicing functions are consolidated in shared areas below grade, maximizing space for the public realm and prioritizing the pedestrian experience at grade. The public realm is made up of the proposed park, two large squares, and a range of other open spaces, which together cover over 40% of the site, providing a network of animated public spaces that enhance connectivity and last mile connections to transit.

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