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Toronto Tall Buildings

Toronto, Ontario 2007 - 2008

Toronto Tall Buildings


Ontario Provincial Planners Institute, Award for Excellence in Planning: Research/New Directions

Urban Strategies led a multi-disciplinary team in developing a strong, detailed, defensible, and comprehensive set of performance standards for tall buildings in Toronto’s downtown core.  The final report identifies appropriate locations and heights for tall buildings and set out regulations for how they should be designed in order to relate appropriately to their surroundings and improve the livability and enjoyment of Downtown as a whole. The vision and regulations are designed to be seamlessly integrated into the existing regulatory framework through amendments to the Zoning By-law and the Official Plan.

Key Team Members

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Mary Castel

Partner, Director of Business Development & Communications, Proposal Inquiries Contact

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City of Toronto

Consultant Team

Hariri Pontarini Architects

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