Alexandra Park Revitalization

2009 - 2013

Toronto, Ontario

2014 Canadian Institute of Planners Award of Excellence in Neighbourhood Planning

In an effort to improve the social economic and physical condition of the Alexandra Park neighborhood, Urban Strategies, together with TCHC, is working towards the development of a revitalization plan for the community.

The goal is to meet TCHC’s objective for ‘Building a Great Neighbourhood’ – one that is safe and integrated, offers housing choice and employment opportunities, demonstrates high quality urban design and sets a new standard for sustainability. The opportunities include creating a mixed community with different housing types and land uses, improving accessibility to shopping and community services, enhancing community safety, and building a greener, more sustainable community.

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Urban Strategies led the team in working with the community on a plan to improve housing and green space and to find ways to create more recreational and economic opportunities in Alexandra Park. The plan also looks for ways to make the neighbourhood more environmentally sustainable.

Meaningful consultation is a key element of the process, not only with agencies both inside and outside of the community such as Toronto Public Library, the Toronto District School Board; Scadding Court Community Centre officials, but also with residents. More than 30 meetings and focus groups were held and there was a special focus on youth engagement. The consultation process was successful and the plan has been approved by the City with full endorsement from the community. Construction on Phase 1 is now underway.