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Health Care Planning

Hospitals as Community Builders

Urban Strategies has a long history of helping hospitals and other health care institutions meet their planning objectives. We provide a range of services, including approvals management to comprehensive site master planning. We advise on how health care institutions should organize themselves for physical renewal, helping them define their development objectives, bringing often disparate constituencies together to achieve a common goal and identifying the design and development resources required for implementation.

Urban Strategies understands how hospitals can overcome the constraints of their site and improve physical relationships with the surrounding city as they improve their facilities. This appreciation for an institution’s urban context, and extensive experience in public consultation have been instrumental to the firm’s success guiding the redevelopment plans of hospitals and like institutions.

  • Comprehensive Campus and Site Plans
  • Strategic Site Plan Updates
  • Open Space Master Plans
  • Land Management Strategies
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Physical Audits
  • Site Selection and Development
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Proposal Call and Design
  • Competition Management
  • Community & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Design Guidelines
  • Research/Innovation Park Planning
  • Municipal and Agency Policy Services

“Health care facilities are vital to every community but often have difficulty defining and expanding their physical place within established areas, due in large part to their size and traffic impacts.”

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Centre for Addiction & Mental Health

1993 – 2003, 2007, 2013

The Vision: create a client-centred hub for interaction and collaboration; design an urban village integrated with the surrounding city; and respect the landscape with its healthy green spaces.