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King High Line

Toronto, Ontario 2014 - Present

Street view rendering of the King High Line

The King High Line is a bold city-building initiative that will link Toronto’s West Queen West and Liberty Village neighbourhoods through a network of bridges and paths over the Georgetown rail corridor. Conceived and initiated by developers First Capital Realty and Urbancorp, the project will combine public and private space to establish connectivity and park space along the rail corridor precisely where the residential and commercial activity is densest.

Far more than just a convenient connection, the King High Line will create a unique urban experience with beautiful open spaces and a variety of activities for the public to enjoy year around.

The King High Line design has three seamless components:

  • a fully accessible bridge spanning the Georgetown rail corridor;
  • an elevated multi-use path running along the south side of the rail corridor; and
  • a new linear park and multi-use path spanning King Street West along the existing rail viaduct east of Atlantic Avenue.

Together, these pieces will form a new type of urban experience in Toronto. On the King High Line people of all abilities will enjoy an unprecedented elevated landscape with clear views of the city, new places to gather and relax, and a safe and exciting route to move between neighbourhoods. The King High Line will be an iconic connection that promotes health, supports businesses on both sides of the tracks, and reclaims railway space for community use.

Urban Strategies is leading the planning and conceptual design processes for the project and undertaking the community and stakeholder engagement for the King High Line, in collaboration with an expert team of consultants: Kasian Architect, TACT Architecture Inc., Scott Torrance Landscape Architects, Cam McKinnon Public Affairs, Scott Parry, Enterprise Canada, and Bay Area Economics.

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