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Realize Troy

Troy, New York 2014 - Present

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Urban Strategies is currently creating a new Comprehensive Plan for the City of Troy, NY.Realize Troy is a three-part community planning initiative: an economic strategy, a waterfront master plan, and a city-wide comprehensive plan. The process has a strong focus on public consultation, both in-person and using a variety of social media channels, and aims to establish a clear vision and set of action strategies to address both the current and future needs of the City.

The Comprehensive Plan is being developed through significant public consultation. It will establish a clear community-based vision and action plan to guide the city’s overall development over the next 20 years. Specifically, the Comprehensive Plan will identify short and longer term community needs, reinforce and confirm a set of broadly supported community goals and create a blueprint for future government actions.

All of the plans will be supported by robust implementation strategies with established criteria and metrics to assist in measuring plan success and achievements over time. The planning process presents an important opportunity to demonstrate bold leadership and innovation while strengthening the quality of life the city offers and its competitive advantage as a dynamic and desirable place to live, work, invest and recreate. 

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Mary Castel

Partner, Director of Business Development & Communications, Proposal Inquiries Contact

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