Canderel–Tsuut’ina Nation

2015 - Present

Calgary, Alberta

The Tssut’ina Nation (TTN) is located in the foothills of Alberta, neighbouring southwest Calgary. In 2013 the Tsuut’ina Nation voted to accommodate a portion of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road on their lands, and to allow leasing agreements on portions of lands adjacent to the Ring Road. A joint-venture was formed between Canderel and TTN to plan, finance, and manage the development of the approximately 1300 acres of these Designated Lands. As a large, undeveloped landholding with regional connectivity, the Designated Lands represent an unprecedented development opportunity for TTN. In 2015, Urban Strategies was retained to lead the planning and design of a comprehensive Master Plan for the Designated Lands. A primary objective for the TTN was to achieve sustainable economic growth through the development
of these lands. To ensure this goal was met, Urban Strategies partnered with Urbanics Consulting to provide detailed market analysis and recommendations. Development concepts for four main parcels within the Designated Lands were created based on the feedback garnered from an Envisioning and Ideas Charrette, and economic analysis of market opportunities produced by Urbanics Consulting Ltd. The Charrette broughtntogether leaders from the TTN and the broader Calgary community to brainstorm the unique opportunities presented by the designated lands and the possible land-uses that could best unlock this value. Through an intensive and ongoing process of collaboration with the client team
(including Canderel, TTN, and engineering consultants), the development concepts were refined into four detailed Master Plans. The final Master Plans provided direction on street networks and development parcels, land-use, density, parking provisions, stormwater management facilities, possible transit routes and stations, as well as public realm and urban design considerations. Key to each Master Plan was the integration of major traffic-generating uses, identified by Urbanics Consulting. Collectively, these unique uses will establish the Designated Land as a regional destination and will ensure long-term economic success and sustainability. In addition to the Master Plans, informative and visually-compelling presentation material was produced to help the client team communicate the long-term vision for the lands to the broader TTN membership and to potential development partners.

Project Categories: Master Planning