Imagine Fredericton Growth Strategy and Municipal Plan

2016 - Present

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Imagine Fredericton is a city-wide planning initiative to develop a Growth Strategy and new Municipal Plan for the City of Fredericton. In broader terms, it is a community-wide conversation about the future of the city. These two planning documents, one to follow the other, will be developed through significant public consultation and will establish a community-based vision and policies to guide the city’s development over the next 25 years. The City is asking all residents and business owners to actively participate in the planning process to ensure the final documents reflect the community’s values and aspirations. Imagine Fredericton will involve four phases of work and take approximately a year and a half to complete. The public will be invited to participate in person at events held at project milestones and online.

Client: City of Fredericton

(Image – Flickr / New Brunswick Tourism)