Highway 69 Planning and Market Assessment


Henvey Inlet First Nation

Urban Strategies and N. Barry Lyon Consulting (NBLC) were retained by Henvey Inlet First Nation (HIFN) to investigate the range of market and development planning opportunities associated with the procurement of 100 acres of unencumbered Crown land. This land is being acquired by HIFN in exchange for 33 acres of their southernmost reserve, which the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) requires for the purpose of twinning Highway 69, north of Parry Sound to Sudbury, by approximately 2019.

In order to facilitate this exchange, MTO identified nine parcels of Crown land adjacent to Highway 69 for consideration, including one within Greater Sudbury. All sites were located in proximity to planned or existing interchange locations, and some of the sites might have future market potential associated with the access they provide to and from the highway.

Urban Strategies role was to support the selection of one or more of the proposed sites, determining its highest and best use potential, and identifying a viable set of market uses for the preferred land’s potential future development. At the request of HIFN, Urban Strategies subsequently also assessed an additional two parcels of unencumbered Crown land within the municipality of Sudbury.

Throughout the process,Urban Strategies worked collaboratively with HIFN in order to deliver a land exchange strategy that supports the Nation’s economic goals and future success. Urban Strategieswork began with a fact-finding process, visiting the sites under review, and meeting with HIFN leadership in order to understand their perspective on the most appropriate and desirable range of uses for the land under consideration. The process ultimately resulted in the selection of two preferred sites that met a range of HIFN’s short and long term employment and economic goals.

Project Categories: Planning Analysis

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